Our Facilities

Online ERP System

We provide the same services level to our customer at each branch by using online ERP system.

Repair Status Monitoring

Repair status can be monitored 24 / 7, using website, call center IVR, or  Mobile Apps.

Online Warranty Card Registration

Ensure your product warranty is already registered.

WA Gateway

Keep your repair status updated, we will send a message to your mobile.


Provide many supporting functions, i.e.: Product information & product knowledge, service networks, repair status monitoring, pick up & delivery services, quick services, on-site services, warranty status & registration, extra & extended warranty purchase, download driver & other supporting software, new firmware.

Contact Center

Just reach us at (021-266 48 999) for all your inquary. Our staff will provide immediate assistance.

Monday - Friday

 :  08.00 - 17.00


 :  09.00 - 14.00